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Lost Pieces of Art: Hand Painted Vintage Bollywood Posters

As technology is improving day by day we are getting new tools for showing our creativity but this is the key element which is forcing us to forget all the traditional tools and techniques. One such example of this is ‘Hand Painted Vintage Bollywood Posters’ which are replaced by mass produced printed posters created using digital tools like Photoshop, Corel, QuarkXpress etc.

This post is dedicated to all those artists who stayed behind the scenes and contributed in making some of the movies very special. You must be wondering why I am saying all this let me clarify my point. These posters were the catalyst  for attracting huge crowds as the posters were the only medium to promote the movie at that time.











































































































































































































































































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About Niteesh Yadav

He is a creative person who likes sketching and designing. He is a self taught graphic designer, illustrator and artist who loves to create new things inspired from his surroundings. # Editor in Chief of Indicreative